Sixth Mode Video Clip Player

This page is a work in progress of an accessible video player that lets a web author easily add links to clips within the media file. Stay tuned!


Table of Clips

Speech Input
Larry works at cool toys

Using a screen reader to control the video playback

Playing clips by clicking on the links in the table of clips works in all the screen reader/browser combinations tested. In addition, the video player control bar is accessible to some screen reader/browser combinations. The video player control bar includes a play/pause button, a seek bar and a read out of the current and total playing times. See below for how to access the control bar for each screen reader/browser combination.

Jaws with Internet Explorer

You need to be in forms mode to navigate to the video player controls. To enter forms mode press enter. While in forms mode, the up arrow or the f key will move forward thru the form fields. Down arrow or shift-f will move back. When you get to a slider field, the arrow keys will now move the playhead forward or back. The Home and End keys can be used to go directly to the beginning or end (check this). Once you engage the slider behavior you need to press esc to stop. (How to get to time field?)

VoiceOver with any browser on the Macintosh

The video player is written in Flash which uses Microsoft Accessibility Actions (MSAA) to allow screen readers to interact with it. VoiceOver on the Macintosh currently does not support MSAA and therefore can not interact with Flash or other technologies that utilize MSAA to enhance accessibility. However, the table of clips provides control of video playback using VoiceOver with Safari or Firefox.