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List Recorder 2.4.3 Now in iTunes Store

List Recorder Release 2.4.3 for Standard and 2.4.2 Full editions is now available. Current users can download the update for free by tapping Updates in the App Store app. Select List Recorder and tap the FREE button.

A couple things before getting into whats new in the latest version of List Recorder.

First a quick heads up that there are now two List Recorder apps.

1) The standard List Recorder app that has been available since August 12, 2010. The standard version is purchased as a Lite edition for 99 cents and can then be updated to the Full edition within the app for $7.99.

2) List Recorder Full, which was available starting October 17 2012, is essentially the standard version with the upgrade built-in. It sells for the price of the upgrade: $7.99.

List Recorder Full was made available for 2 main reasons. First, some non-English users were unable to upgrade without changing to English. Second, certain state programs were interested in providing List Recorder to clients but could not purchase the Full edition via the upgrade process.

List Recorder Full also allows new users who know they want the Full version a simpler way to get it directly and save a buck.

Unfortunately it also has the potential of fooling previous users into buying a second Full edition. Because List Recorder Full is in Apple's eyes a completely separate app from List Recorder, if you purchase both products, both apps will be installed and you will be charged for both, even if you've upgraded the original app. So if you already have the Full edition of List Recorder, there is no need to purchase List Recorder Full.

The second thing before getting into whats new, is an apology to any standard List Recorder users who upgraded to the short-lived version 2.4.2. List Recorder 2.4.2 had a severe orientation bug, which is now fixed in version 2.4.3. List Recorder Full 2.4.2 was not affected by the bug. We are sorry for the disruption this no doubt caused many users. Thanks to everyone for their patience and especially those who provided help and encouragement to get the problem fixed ASAP.

Now for the new features.

Improved recording

Recording has been improved in 2 ways. VoiceOver now plays at full volume during recording. Second, List Recorder's ability to record in the background has been expanded. List Recorder will continue to record after you leave the app and even record audio from other apps. There are some limitations to this.

To record audio from other apps you must use a format other than m4a. If using m4a the recording will stop when the other app plays audio. If the other app records, it will stop List Recorder's recording, regardless of format.

Insert audio item

The new Insert audio item feature creates a new item that uses the specified audio file for the item's audio. The audio files must be copied to List Recorder's documents folder using iTunes file sharing. This is explained in the File sharing section of the tutorial entitled "Transferring data out of List Recorder."

Select Insert from the List commands toolbar button. Then select Audio item from the sub menu. An import list screen displays all files in List Recorder's documents folder that have extensions of .caf, .wav or .m4a. The specified file is used for the item's audio. The filename is used as the new item's title.

Bug fixes

A few bugs besides the aforementioned orientation bug have been fixed. Most notably issues with display and VoiceOver cursor placement introduced in iOS6. In addition, pasting long text into an item's text field should no longer crash the app.

Tek Talk Webcast From 29 November

Have you ever wanted to jot down some notes or easily make a recording of something you need to remember? Perhaps you want to remember something about an important piece of mail, a printed article or ad you had someone read to you, some product information including model and serial numbers, a recipe, the URL to a web site, etc. And what if you then wanted to send this information, via email, to yourself or anyone else?

Neal Ewers of Ravenswood Productions describes List Recorder and talks about its functions. He offers some handy tips for learning to use this app. Neal and developer Karen Blaedow discuss new 2.0 features and answer questions from the online audience.

You can stream or download the List Recorder Tek Talk from Accessible World.

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