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Thank you to our users for your support! People can be found using the List Recorder app on the iPhone and other IOS devices in 44 countries; there is a country list at the end of this page.

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" I am very much enjoying List Recorder, with its simple and effective interface. It is the first app I have purchased for my iPhone."

"List recorder is a wonderful tool for my daily work. You built in great features like pasting text from clipboard, building lists in lists, moving in audio tracks, etc. Big compliment List Recorder is really a great invention."

"I just wanted to write and give you thanks for the support of VO users and the blind that you make life a lot easier with your awsome app."

"Just a note to say thanks for developing List Recorder – it really is a great design, and very thoughtfully put together...I hope plenty of sighted individuals download it as well."

"I'll repeat again things that you have already heard, but your app is incredible. A good example of what we can do if one really want to make accessible things. Really, really impressive!"

"I am a visually impaired user using VoiceOver and absolutely LOVE this app. (It was the best investment (including the in app purchase) that I have made and it works wonderfully to help me keep organized."

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"Here is an app recommendation…nice app"

"a very great app!"

"I must say I am really impressed with List Recorder. This app is definitely cool and very easy to use and also quite powerful…I think this will definitely become my favorite and primary app to record both voice and text notes."

"well worth it!…what a great app! 2 thumbs up to the creater of this great app!!"

"This is a nice application , I'm sure I will use it frequently"

"This is an example where a specialized device is really kind of cool."

"I see tremendous potential in this application.  It could become quickly one of the most used apps on my phone"

"...if your purpose is to have a easy way to keep a ongoing grocery list or other list then I would recommend List Recorder. List Recorder is designed to make it possible to keep many such lists and to be able to easily add to them or change them easily as needed. I keep my grocery list and many other lists on my phone using List Recorder...It is the app I use most often at this point as I am often adding and deleting to my various lists. "

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"Innovative UI, eyes-free accessible, dev welcomes feedback"

"absolutely rocks and will be added to my daily app usage"

"une app vraiment pas mal #iphone de prise de notes audio/texte accessible,efficace et optimisé #voiceover!"

He tweeted: "awesome accessible app. Power!" She replied: "list recorder is very very good! thumbs up!"

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About List Recorder 2.0:

"Great job on this update"

"'s quite a powerful app now!"

"...people think List Recorder is just for recording notes.
In fact, it is a pretty decent text editor or, at least, note taker. Plus, it is easy to export through email.
Another bonus is the way the text is segmented. If you've ever had to give a speech and needed to refer to notes, the iPhone is an excellent way to preserve notes; however, most of the applications seem to bunch text so that either way too much or way too little is read with a right flick.
List Recorder is excellent in the way it keeps the cursor focused on the correct text and the way it segments the text into nearly perfect chunks for jogging your memory when making a speech or giving a presentation.
List Recorder isn't just for recording any more.
Highly recommended!"

" my college lectures and audio/video narrations. I use the iTouch and List Recorder to read the class outline or the narration script, and it is nice to have the text chunking capabilities."

Where List Recorder users live

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Guatemala, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Latvia, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Mexico, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United States, and Zimbabwe.

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