How to Purchase List Recorder

List Recorder Full Edition costs $8.98; the Lite Edition is only 99 cents

To make it easy for you to evaluate List Recorder before committing the full amount, we structured the purchase into two parts.

First, you purchase List Recorder Lite Edition for 99 cents at the Apple iTunes store and try it out.

Then, you do an in-app purchase to upgrade to List Recorder Full Edition for an additional $7.99.

Feature differences between Lite and Full editions:

Length of recording:

 Lite  limited to 10 seconds per list item; unlimited number of items (5 seconds prior to version 2.0)

 Full  no limit


 Full  email items using the item’s title as the email subject, the item text as the email body and the audio as an attachment (version 2.0)


 Lite  $ .99

 Full  $7.99 in-app upgrade from Lite

New features only for the Full edition coming soon:

Append to existing audio

Search all text information


Reasons to get the Full edition:

Enjoy additional features and support

Price may go up as features are added

Support development of accessible software

Purchase and download List Recorder Lite directly from Apple's iTunes App Store. Click here to purchase the Lite Edition for only 99 cents.