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This page contains a list of podcasts by Eric Caron about using List Recorder. Eric started using List Recorder in 2010, not long after getting his first iPhone. Since then he's amassed a great working knowledge of List Recorder and has been instrumental in providing direction and support for this app. These podcasts are presented from Eric’s perspective as a List Recorder User. Additional information is available both at this web site and under help in List Recorder itself. Eric is willing to respond to email inquires as time permits. Contact him at

What Eric says about using List Recorder

My work is fast paced. I need a way to quickly take notes and organize them. I’ve used many devices for this purpose, but none are as useful as List Recorder running on my iPhone. Over the last several  years the number of revolutionary iPhone apps available to assist the visually impaired has grown and developed to an amazing extent. However, for me List Recorder is the application I use the most. It is the app I use for both professional and personal organization of reminders, important recordings, professional presentations, instructions for technology, and home appliances, doctor information, phone messages, and much more. I just wish I had been able to use this app both during my college years and my professional career. At least I now have it from this time on.

How Eric became involved

After discovering List Recorder, Eric volunteered to participate, as a user, in a podcast for Candleshore with Mark Taylor. During this podcast Eric met members of the List Recorder development team and became a beta tester. A little time later Eric decided to do a series of podcasts designed to assist new and intermediate List Recorder users. The result is this page of podcasts. “I believe it is important that each of us in the community of blind users of technology make a effort to support each other. I have learned a great deal from technology podcasts so these List Recorder podcasts and my other iPhone and Mac related podcasts are my way to contribute to my community.”

Eric's background

Professionally, Eric Caron has worked as a guidance counselor and director of counseling services at public schools for over two decades, in both New York and Vermont. Before that he worked as a counselor at the Northeastern Association of the Blind at Albany (NABA), serving visually impaired adults. For a short time he worked as a technology consultant assisting visually impaired college students with technology training.

The Podcast List

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9. Whats new in List Recorder 2.4

Play podcast 9 Length: 14:04 Date: July 13, 2012

Eric discusses and demonstrates the two major new features in List Recorder 2.4. He shows how you can now add to an existing recording. First he adds to the beginning of an existing recording with Prefix. Then he adds to the end with Append. In the remainder of the podcast, Eric talks about new ways to control List Recorder provided by the remote control capability. Two finger double tap is a remote control shortcut that toggles pause and play both inside and outside of List Recorder. Eric explores the remote audio controller located in the app switcher. He discusses how the ear buds provide similar remote control functionality. Finally he demonstrates that remote control even allows you to control List Recorder using Air Play.

8. Tilt Gestures

Play podcast 8 Length: 19:05 Date: April 11, 2012

Eric explains how to use the gestures built into List Recorder to increase your efficiency and enjoyment of the application.

7. Export / Import

Play podcast 7 Length: 26:15 Date: April 8, 2012

Eric tackles how to use the export and import features that are new in List Recorder 2.3. Backing up your information using the export features is the first task he demonstrates, including how to copy the exported files to your desktop computer using iTunes file sharing. He goes on to cover more advanced topics including how to view the exported files, importing files that you or someone else exported and managing the files created in the export process.

6. Recording and Single Items

Play podcast 6 Length: 29:37 Date: April 6, 2012

Eric explains List Recorder basics, starting with what you'll find on various screens and describing how all list items have 3 parts. You will hear various methods of recording audio and tips for playback. Eric demonstrates how an item's title effects its announcement in a list. He walks through emailing an item, uploading an item's audio to dropbox and setting a do date for an item. He describes several ways to delete an item or just its audio. At the end of the podcast, Eric gives some real world examples of how he uses List Recorder to quickly take notes and efficiently scan for information.

5. Whats new in List Recorder 2.3

Play podcast 5 Length: 10:01 Date: April 2, 2012

Eric talks about and demonstrates many of the new features in List Recorder 2.3. He starts by showing record in lock screen is back. Next he goes into settings to show the new m4a recording format, the new Default list sort and Tilt voice settings. He explains why tilt voice is helpful in the other language localizations and why new users will now need to turn on gestures before they can use them. A small change to moving items is described. Eric talks more about language localizations which now total 5 thanks to the generosity of volunteers. Finally he talks about the improved export and new import functions which give List Recorder users more flexibility and safety in backing up their data.

4. Presentation Creation

Play podcast 4 Length: 10:04 Date: January 24, 2012

Eric shows how to use List Recorder to prompt you through a presentation or remind you of the topics you want to discuss during an important meeting. He demonstrates the techniques he uses to quickly record and arrange talking points.

3. List Recorder 2.2: Gestures and Settings

Play podcast 3 Length: 34:00 Date: January 23, 2012

Eric makes a grocery list. He moves an item into the grocery list. He records 3 more items. He rearranges and deletes items. He shows how to rename lists and covers the 4 tilt motions. Finally he walks through all the settings where many important customizations can be done such as selecting recording format and quality, setting the audio preview length and adjusting the beep timing.

2. Upgrading List Recorder to the Full edition

Play podcast 2 Length: 4:20 Date: January 22, 2012

Hear Eric download List Recorder from the app store and navigate to the upgrade info screen where he does the in app purchase to upgrade to the Full edition. Non-English List Recorder users who may be having trouble upgrading, should switch to English while doing the in app purchase.

1. List Recorder 2.2: An Introduction

Play podcast 1 Length: 36:51 Date: Jan. 16, 2012

Eric Caron provides an introduction for new users of List Recorder. You'll hear how to install and set up List Recorder. Eric goes over the basics and provides additional tips to make List Recorder even more productive.

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