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List Recorder podcasts

1. A Brief Overview of List Recorder

by Neal Ewers with Special Guest Jenny Axler

Play podcast 1 Length: 17:03 Date: Oct. 3, 2010

Neal Ewers highlights some of the coolest and most useful features of List Recorder. You'll hear how he combines VoiceOver with List Recorder's custom gestures and tilt motions for a powerful eyes-free operation. Jenny Axler starts things off with a brief introduction.

2. Mark Taylor Interviews List Recorder User Eric Caron

by Mark Taylor

Play podcast 2 Length: 16:53 Date: Oct. 6, 2010

Mark Taylor interviews Eric Caron about how Eric uses List recorder in his work as a school counselor in Vermont. Eric compares List Recorder to the many hardware and software recorders he used previously to keep track of the daily stream of information and requests he must manage. Speed and powerful organizational abilities are key. Eric also demonstrates how he uses List Recorder for daily tasks such as making a grocery list. To hear more of Mark's podcasts on a variety of topics, see his blog at www.candleshore.com.

3. Tek Talk Podcast

Neal Ewers and Karen Blaedow demo List Recorder, discuss new 2.0 features, and answer questions during Accessible World live webcast on November 29, 2010. Click here to download or stream the webcast recording..

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