List Recorder Overview - Auditory

List Recorder enables both visually-impaired and sighted users to create lists of items that can contain text and audio. Record a quick note, include a text memo, give your item a title. Choose the type of information that suits your needs. For example:

  • Quickly record information given to you by phone or face-to-face conversation
  • Use text to create a checklist of recurring tasks or purchases
  • Use a combination of copied text and audio to store product information including description, price, model and serial numbers
  • Record information someone reads for you such as mail, articles or recipes and add text notes
  • Record a lecture and add text notes
  • Copy information from a website and add auditory notes
  • Email a text or audio item you created to someone else

List Recorder is both an easy-to-use audio recorder and list manager that allows you to organize information so you can find it when you need it. But what sets List Recorder apart is its ability to be used eyes-free by integrating VoiceOver (iPhone's built-in screen reader) with additional accessibility features. While List Recorder was designed with accessibility as a goal, its just as much fun for sighted people to use, so be sure to show it to your sighted friends.

Here are some of the ways List Recorder has been designed for accessibility.

Easy navigation

Information is presented in two easily navigated views. The list view displays all the items in a list. The item detail view lets you see and modify all of the information for one item.

List Recorder uses standard interface elements so you can leverage your familiarity with how iPhones apps work.

The VoiceOver cursor position is maintained so you don't lose you place as you navigate through your lists.

If you get lost you can easily get back to a known view with the left tilt motion. Simply rotate the device counter-clockwise until you hear auditory feedback. You can quickly dismiss a dialog, stop audio or editing. Continue to tilt left to navigate back to the home list.

Additional tilt motions let you invoke edit mode or the toolbar without having to hunt for them.

Rich audio feedback

All controls (such as buttons and text fields) are announced by VoiceOver.

List items read in an optimized format. Click here to hear VoiceOver's standard reading for the "Call from Phyllis" item.

Additional details can be read including the amount of audio and text the item contains and the date it was created. Click here to hear details read for the "Call from Phyllis" item.

VoiceOver reads an item's title if one exists or the audio is previewed if the item does not have a title. Audio preview length can be adjusted in settings. Click here to hear VoiceOver's standard reading for items with and without titles.

Extensive use of dialogs prior to destructive actions such as deletions, reordering or audio replacement.

Easy to use but powerful audio capabilities

Two button control of all record and playback functions.

Accessible slider to control playback position as well as readout of current position. Click here to listen to slider controlled playback.

Guitar strums to indicate record begin, pause or end. Click here to listen to audio being recorded.

Custom motions and gestures

Invoke common functions without having to hunt for them on the screen.

Push right to check an item. Click here to learn about checking items.

Push left to read an item's details. Click here to hear details read for the "Call from Phyllis" item. (repeated from above)

Tilt left to go back to a known view. (described above)

Tilt right to toggle edit mode.

Tilt forward for audio toolbar. Click here to hear two ways to access the toolbar.

Back flip for wipe out.

You can individually turn off any of the tilt motions as well as landscape mode in settings.

Text and Keyboard enhancements

Works well with Braille keyboard/displays and external keyboards. Able to record while typing.

Text field is parsed and displayed as HTML so VoiceOver reads it sentence by sentence.

White on black mode provides better contrast than reverse video.

Extensive built-in documentation and online help

Introduction items provide a practice list that walks you through the basics of List Recorder.

Short tutorials on commonly used features. Tutorials also online here.

Reference manual. Manual also online here.

Help on the Google VIPhone Group and on Twitter @SixthMode.

Read and listen to what List Recorder users say about how they use the app.

Download and Try List Recorder

Click here to purchase List Recorder Lite for only 99 cents.