Frequently Asked Questions

Does List Recorder run on an iPad?

The standard List Recorder app runs on all Apple iOS devices: iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. There is no special iPad version.

You can run List Recorder in the center of the iPad screen (iPhone-size) with a black border around the edges, or you can activate a mode that doubles the pixels. In the latter mode, the app uses more of the screen, but looks blockier.

The tilt motions all work, but it is not so handy tilting the bigger iPad screen like one can the smaller devices. There is a "No motion mode," plus all the functions you can do by tilting can be done in other ways.

Why is there a long delay before recording?

The delay is to allow VoiceOver to finish speaking so you do not hear it on your recording. If you do not use VoiceOver you can set the "Seconds before beep" parameter in Settings to 0.

Is there a length limit to an audio item?

There is no limit to the length of an audio item in the Full Edition. The total length of all items is limited by the amount of available storage on your device. Audio items are limited to 10 seconds on Lite Edition. (5 seconds prior to version 2.0)

How do I reverse a sort?

Selecting the same sort field twice in a row reverses the sort direction.

How do I re-title a list?

Tap the "Re-title list..." choice in the "List commands" toolbar button after opening the list you wish to re-title. Note that a bug in version 1.0 hides the title field making it uneditable. Version 1.01 and above fixes this.

Why is audio allowed for a list title?

The purpose of allowing audio for a list entry is to let you hear your recording as an alternative to typing a title for the list. This works in exactly the same way as previewing audio for any item. VoiceOver will announce an item's title if it exists. If there is no title, it will preview the item's audio. So if you want VoiceOver to announce the list item by previewing its audio, you need to delete the title. If you just want an item with audio, any item will do that.

How can I check an item without going into edit mode?

Checking an item in edit mode, works just fine, but there is a shortcut for checking the current item in list view.

BTW, there is a tutorial on checking an item, but here's the tricky part when you use VoiceOver. All the custom gestures in List Recorder start with a double tap hold and then keeping your finger down and moving it either right or left. For checking, you move your finger right.

If you've rearranged icons on the home screen, you've done the double tap hold gesture. You tap twice quickly and keep your finger down after the second tap. You should hear a jiggly sound. If you don't hear the jiggly sound, keep trying until you do.

After you hear the jiggly sound, with your finger still down, move your finger to the right and then lift it. You should hear List Recorder say "Checked" followed by the number of the item it has checked. If the item was already checked, it will say "Unchecked"

As an aside, the double tap hold works in all apps. What it does is over-ride VoiceOver gestures so that whatever you do after the double tap hold is interpreted as a non-VoiceOver gesture. Thats why you do it before dragging the icons to rearrange the home screen. List Recorder starts its custom gestures with double tap hold because when VoiceOver is turned on, these are the only gestures the system passes on to the app.

Once you hear the jiggly sound, you're almost there.

What is the largest audio file size I can email?

List Recorder Full Edition allows you email any list item. List Recorder does not limit the size of the audio file it attaches to the email it creates, but other factors may.

It is the iOS operating system that actually sends the email. Some developers have suggested that the system limits attachments to 15 MB, but our iPhone 4 had no trouble emailing a 19.5 MB file. Nonetheless, trying to process a 15 MB anything may exhaust your device's available memory, especially on a pre-2009 iPhone or iPod Touch.

You may also have to contend with email size limits imposed by your mail server or that of your recipient. It is not possible to state a simple size limit, given all these variables.

List Recorder makes it easy to check the size of the audio file so you can determine if your device and mail servers can handle it. Select the Audio Details option in the Actions button dialog to hear the duration, file size, and format of the item's audio. Keep in mind that that the size of the same audio recording can be anywhere from 1 to 19.5 MB depending on the recording parameters you set. The What's New tutorial under Get Help contains a detailed description of the recording options.

Can a Full Edition be installed on multiple devices?

Keep in mind the answer to this question should apply to all apps you purchase, because Apple dictates the policy regarding app purchasing. The policy concerning running an app on multiple devices is that this is allowed as long as the devices are synced to the same account. In that case, you only have to pay for the app and the upgrade to the Full edition once.

Here's what happens when you install List Recorder on a device that is licensed to run the app, but does not currently have the app on it. This could be a first install, an install after List Recorder has been deleted either purposefully or otherwise, or an install on a second device synced to an account that has purchased List Recorder.

When you first install List Recorder, it will be the Lite edition. If you want to purchase the Full edition or you have purchased the Full edition previously, you need to upgrade the new installation of List Recorder. Upgrade to the Full edition by tapping the $7.99 purchase button in the Upgrade Info screen under the Get help tool bar button. If you have previously purchased the Full edition, you should get a dialog saying, "You've already purchased this. Tap OK to download it again for free" after you confirm the In App Purchase.

How do I use an iTunes Gift Card to upgrade my Lite Edition to the Full Edition?

List Recorder Full edition offers useful features like the ability to email any text or audio list item. The upgrade from your Lite Edition to the Full Edition is an in-app purchase, but you can use your Gift Card as long as you have an iTunes Store account.

First, redeem your Gift Card for iTunes Store credit if you have not already done so.

1) Make sure you're using the latest version of iTunes. It can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple website at:
(Note: Installing the latest version of iTunes will not affect your library or any items in your account that you haven't downloaded.)

2) Click this link to launch iTunes and be taken to the Gift Card redemption page:

3) Enter the 16-digit activation code beginning with "X" and click the Redeem button.

4) To complete this process, click Redeem Prepaid Card.
Once your Gift Card is successfully redeemed, your store credit will appear next to your account name in the upper-right corner of the iTunes Store window. Each time you make a purchase, funds will be deducted from the credit until the credit is used up. If you run over the credit amount, iTunes will ask you to enter a credit card number. You do not need to redeem your Gift Card again when you want to make another purchase.

Second, execute your in-app purchase of Full Edition from your Lite Edition

Your purchase should be automatically deducted from the iTunes Store credit balance you created when you redeemed your Gift Card. Click here for instructions for executing the in-app purchase.

Why doesn't my in-app purchase of the List Recorder Full Edition upgrade work?

Problems executing the in-app purchase may be tied to a broader set of problems certain users are having downloading items from the iTunes store. Users experiencing this problem get the message "Cannot connect to iTunes Store." Please follow the following steps to determine if this is the reason your device cannot execute the upgrade.

First, make sure you are running the latest version of List Recorder and follow the upgrade steps:

1) Select "Get Help" from the toolbar button, then "Upgrade Info."
2) On the "Upgrade Info" screen, assuming you have the Lite edition, you will hear:
You are running the, Lite, edition of List Recorder.
Upgrade to, Full, edition: $7.99 button.
3) Tap the $7.99 button.
4) The $7.99 button changes to a BUY NOW button, the same as the purchase buttons in the iTunes Store. You hear VoiceOver say:
selected, BUY NOW.
5) Tap the BUY NOW button.
6) This initiates a dialog with the iTunes Store which will vary depending on your connection to the iTunes Store and whether you are logged in. The BUY NOW button changes to BUYING while iTunes processes the upgrade request.
Normally you are asked for a password. If you are not logged in you will also be asked for a user account. If the information is valid, List Recorder will be upgraded to the Full edition.
If there are any problems with the connection to the iTunes store or the account information, a dialog from the iTunes Store will provide the details.

If you get the "Cannot connect to iTunes Store" you may be experiencing a syndrome that has been plaguing some iPhone 4 and 3GS users after upgrading to iOS4. The issue seems to be isolated to the App Store, iTunes, iBooks and making inApp purchases (which is what the List Recorder upgrade is). Following are instructions for diagnosing the problem as well as some of the things people reported as fixing it.

To diagnose the "Cannot connect to iTunes Store" syndrome, do the following after you are unable to upgrade:

(This information is based on the following discussion on the Apple website:

1) Try connecting to the web via Safari or email. If you are unable to connect with either of these, you have some other type of connection error caused by your network hardware, service provider, improperly configured software or something else.

2) Try connecting to the App Store, iTunes or iBooks and update or download an app, song or book. If you are also unable to download via these services you are probably experiencing the "Cannot connect to iTunes Store" syndrome. Apple has not issued a fix to this problem, but users have offered solutions below that have fixed it for them. If you *are* able download from these services but not upgrade List Recorder, there is something else going on, so please click here email us a detailed description of your symptoms.

Solutions for the "Cannot connect to iTunes Store" syndrome reported to fix the problem for multiple users

Some people report the problem only on 3G, others have it on both 3G and WiFi, so try both.

One of our List Record users offered this tip: first buy an app which is free of charge and then immediately following, without logging out, do the List Recorder update.

Sign out of the default account
• Go into settings / store.
• Tap sign out.
• Go back to the app store app and sign back in.

If you have a MobileMe account, delete it from the iPhone, then re-input it.

Delete iBooks and reinstall it through iTunes
• Uninstall iBooks and accept the data removal prompt.
• Plug iPhone into PC and then reinstall iBooks again via iTunes on your PC. Sync your phone.
• Go into iBooks and you should now be able to access the book store. Look for the sign out option and touch it. Ignore all prompts by iBooks to sign back in, just keep tapping cancel and then close the app.
• Open up the App Store app and you should now be able to do so without any errors. You should also be able to sign into your iTunes account from within the App Store without error as well.

Restore the iPhone to its original settings and then restore from last backup
• Go into iTunes.
• Sync any recently purchased songs, apps, etc.
• Click on Restore.
• It may ask you if you want to back up first - Click yes!
• Be sure to choose restore from back-up - Do not choose restore to new!
• Select your most current back-up - Don't worry, the bug does not propagate into the back-up.
• Leave your iPhone hooked up to iTunes until the restore is complete.
• The problem should be gone.

If none of this works, make an appointment to take your device to the Apple Store.

(We do not offer a direct purchase of List Recorder Full Edition from the Apple iTunes Store because we want to preserve lists and items our users built with List Recorder Lite Edition. Upgrading Lite Edition does this; downloading a separate app would not.)

How do I re-upgrade to the Full Edition I have already purchased?

This is done the same as a first-time upgrade. Tap the $7.99 purchase button in the Upgrade Info screen under the Get help tool bar button. The upgrade is free as long as the device being upgraded is synced to the same account that purchased the Full edition previously. In this case, after confirming the In App Purchase, a dialog appears saying, "You've already purchased this. Tap OK to download it again for free."

What is in each List Recorder update version?


3 April 2012
- m4a recording format.
- Expanded import/export capabilities.
- Default list sort setting.
- Setting to use VoiceOver as the tilt voice.
- Spanish and Italian localizations.
- Lock without interrupting recording fixed.


3 November 2011
Corrects 2 significant bugs introduced with iOS 5:
- Quick record button is back to normal availability.
- "List Commands" and "Perform on checked items" display normally.


29 April 2011
- Quick record button added to toolbar for super quick recording.
- Do date field can be assigned as another way to keep track of items.
- Open in... enables audio file to be opened in other apps such as Dropbox.
- iTunes File sharing of audio files.
- Export list creates html file containing list’s textual data.
- Improved handling of audio interruptions.
- Delete audio added to Action dialog.
- Right tilt toggles pause during audio recording or playback.
- Prompt to name a list when it is created.
- Norwegian localization.


20 December 2010
- Edit mode for text editing is replaced by tapping in the field.
- Choice of recording formats, quality and stereo.
- Email items with audio attachment in Full edition.
- Move items between lists.
- Better VoiceOver cursor tracking.
- Move items replaces reorder buttons when using VoiceOver.
- Record limit increased to 10 seconds in Lite edition.
- French and German localizations.
- Many other enhancements.


24 September 2010
- Fix upgrade to Full Edition problem.
- VoiceOver returns to the iPhone main speaker after recording.


- No motion mode enables shake to wipe out.
- White on Black mode extended to documentation.

Bug fixes:
- Empty lists can be edited.
- Re-title list now works as documented.

Why is edit mode required to be on before bringing up a keyboard?

Edit mode for the item detail view was eliminated in version 2.0. Prior to version 2.0 text editing could only be done when in edit mode, which was enabled by tapping the edit button on the right side of the item detail view's navigation bar. Edit mode was put in to address the difficulty some of our VoiceOver users were having with swipes being misinterpreted by iOS in such a way that it would bring up the keyboard when it was not intended. Subsequent improvements in iOS have allowed us to eliminate this accommodation. In version 2.0 you edit a text field by tapping in it or double tapping with VoiceOver on.