About Sixth Mode Solutions

Sixth Mode Solutions is committed to developing products incorporating innovative accessibility. We see mobile apps as offering a new opportunity to create very low-cost accessible solutions. List Recorder for the iPhone is our first effort, with more to follow.

Someday we will simply talk to our mobile devices, which will be a far more accessible interface than anything currently available. Enabling computers to truly understanding human language (not just do smart things with words) is still a hard research problem.

Our parent company, Custom Technology Ltd., has developed Tridbit technology to do just that. In 2009 we beta tested "JotChat," a conversational personal information manager that allowed users to enter and ask for personal information in their own words. This prototype was built as part of an SBIR grant funded by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR). It was successfully tested among both sighted and visually impaired users. You can learn more about Tridbit technology and JotChat, including usability test results at www.tridbits.com.

Our accessibility work has also yielded the Sixth Mode Audio Clip Player. This is a utility we offer free to web sites wishing provide a more accessible audio experience to visitors. Click here for more information about our Player.

Sixth Mode developer Karen Blaedow offers software development services for iPhones and for other platforms. Click here to learn about her work and capabilities.

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